BB NAIJA 2020: Former Housemates Engage In Fisticuffs at 2021 Reunion Party

The Big Brother Naija housemates for the 2020 Edition of the popular Reality TV show were once again brought together at a reunion hosted by the showrunners.

During the reunion party however, an altercation ensued between two of the former contestants, Kaisha and Lucy.


According to Kaisha, her mum said she admired Ka3na (another housemate) at one time and wanted to take a photo with her as a result.

However, the person (Lucy) who delivered the message to Ka3na didn’t communicate it in that manner to her, and so she thought it was Kaisha’s manager that wanted a photoshoot with her. Because of this, Ka3na said the alleged manager should come to her table and take the pictures with her instead.

This act seem to have angered Kaisha who voiced her displeasure at the reunion. However, trouble started in the house when Kaisha warned Lucy to stop talking about her mother. Lucy’s reply aggravated the matter and before anyone could say Jack, Kaisha lurched at her and they both started fighting.

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