NDLEA Reveals it has Confiscated 1605kg of Cocaine and Other Drugs within 1yr in Ekiti State

The National Drug Laws Enforcement Agency made the revelation after it recently seized the largest consignment of cocaine in Ekiti State. 

In a news brief, the agency’s commander in the State, Gaura Shedow revealed that the quantity they seized from the drug dealers was the largest (87.88 grammes) they have done in the state. He says this calls for serious concern.

According to him, they have seized up to 1605kg of illicit drugs from July 2020 and May 2021. In his speech at the 2021 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, he said – 

Within this period under review, we seized 1,516.3kg of Cannabis; Cocaine – 87.88 grammes; and Heroine – 1.1 grammes.”

The agency is concerned that the drug dealers in the region are upgrading to cocaine, a more dangerous substance. The statistics above shows that the major drug being sold in the area is marijuana which the NDLEA has been battling hard to control. They have also carried out sensitization programs on the dangers of drug abuse.

The commander reinstated the agency’s commitment to riding the state of illegal drugs. 

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