ABSU Student Allegedly Jumps To His Death From A 3-Storey Building After Smoking Colorado

According to reports, a 400 Level Optometry student of Abia State University jumped to his death after taking a hard drug popularly known as “Colorado”.

The student who was simply identified as Kamsi reportedly took the illicit substance in his hostel outside the school premises. However, when he could not contain the ecstasy the Colorado was eliciting in him, other students living around were alarmed.

To help him come down from the highness, they allegedly locked him up so as to find a means to calm him down. Unfortunately, while they were still making efforts to get a hold of the situation, Kamsi escaped through the balcony and mistakenly jumped to his death.

The incident has been confirmed by the school’s Chief Security Officer [CSO], ThankGod Evulobi, a retired Navy Commander. Lamenting on the menace of drug abuse in the society, the CSO said –

“We have continued to educate our students on the dangers of hard drugs but some of them feel they are big boys. It’s unfortunate and parents need to do more especially when they are in secondary school”

From the reports, the parents of the deceased has identified and claimed the body.

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