“We are not Just Going to have Cosmetic Changes to the Constitution because that will not get us Anywhere” – Speaker.

Speaking on the devolution of power to the constituent States of the federation, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila stated that Senate will try it’s best to ensure that federating units of the country function properly.

The Speaker made this known during a youth program yesterday organized by Channels TV and TVC.

According to him, there is too much power at the center. He says the Federal Government has saddled itself with enormous powers which it didn’t have business with in the first place. From his statement, there are items in the Exclusive List that should be devolved to the State and Local Government authorities respectively.

He said – 

“We are not just going to have cosmetic changes to the Constitution because that will not get us anywhere.”

Recall that the National Assembly recently held a Constitution Review in some centres across the country. The apex law chamber used the opportunity to call on citizens and stakeholders to voice their concerns on some constitutional imbalances with a view to altering and modifying some sections. The main reason is to make sure the law is abreast with current realities facing the country at the moment.

While expressing what the citizens can expect from the ongoing review, he stated that –

“The changes have to be far-reaching enough to define us as a people. We hope to reshape the constitution in such a way that states are real federating units, more independent and more autonomous to the centre.”

Looking at some of the challenges facing Nigeria at the moment, it will be a timely intervention if the major concerns of citizens are addressed in the said amendments which they’re currently undertaking. 

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