5 Teachings of the Jehovah Witness That are Different from General Christian Beliefs

Jehovah Witnesses take each other as a tight knit global family united by a common cause. Although they agree with some of the core doctrines of the early church, there are divergent views on the interpretation of certain parts of the Bible by the sect.

Here are 5 Teachings of the JW that are Different from Consensus Christian Beliefs

1) Resurrection Teachings

The Witnesses believe that there will be a resurrection. However, they differ on how it will occur. According to them, Jehovah will raise the “righteous” and “unrighteous” on the Day of Judgment but will leave the evil ones to perish forever. 

The unrighteous are people “who failed to meet God’s standards but did not have the opportunity to learn and follow them.”

2) Lack of belief in the Trinity Doctrine.

3) Do not believe that Salvation can be earned

From the group’s teachings, they don’t think that man can actually earn his salvation. They think it can only be by the grace of God.

4) Lack of Belief in Hell

For them, hell is uncharacteristic of the person of God. They do not think a loving father will send His children to burn in hell forever. According to them, those who committed irredeemable offences while alive will not be raised up by God at the appointed time.

5) Finally, they hold the view that earth is the eternal home of man. According to them, the people raised by God will inherit the earth and live everlasting life in an “earthly paradise”.

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