A War On Morale

At this glorious night, 
We burrow through our bogus might, 
Each claim on lame terms to hold the answer, 
To a question never asked, why cancer? 
Like cheap clowns, we are all masked 
With our pregnant conscience,we are all tasked 
Some of us are just a misplaced point 
Some of us are on dubious joint 
Our heart veined with vain 
Some of us are stuck between the thighs of Mary Jane 
Chained to her oily stench 
Some dig into her witty strench 
Some prepared for a war that never comes, 
Or becomes.

A war is already within, 
A war brewing storms 
A war on norms, 
A war on morales 
The 21st century opened the portal;
To a world where sentiments reigns 
A world in chains, 
Religions and their legions in discord 
Stretching the roots of our ancestral cord 
Paying dues we can’t afford 
The poor crawling, none has a Ford 
Like Pauling, 
who cares if we are bonding? 
Starve in unity, the preacher preach 
The rich reserved with the reach.

What is our reward? 
What is our award? 
A world, where justice never exists? 
A world , where wickedness enlists? 
A world , where the poor feast on the rich’s fist? 
A world where love does not exist ? 
A world without God? 
What an odd!


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