Religion and Its Impossibility Propaganda

Religion and its advocates would rather the world remained in perpetual ignorance for it to thrive. Religion has made a vow to stay far away from rational deduction and sound reasoning because it thrives and fights hard to make sure you lose sight of what is real and focus on fantasies. It cannot control what is real.

 If something becomes real, it loses its fear factor and can be logically analyzed and would be subject to simple cognitive logic. No, it cannot; but, what it can control is a fantasy fueled by excessive glorification of fictitious mental constructs.

Organized religion thrives on inciting fear with the purpose of confusing adherents with illusionary utopia or eternal damnation. With the exciting euphoria gotten from shared religious ululations and reinforced by years of repeated doctrinal traditions and practices from childhood, curiosity is disarmed. Ultimately, indoctrination takes place – a mind invasive device used to ensure obedience and loyalty through constant repetition of specific religious texts.

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But, yokes are bound to be broken. Although religion would prefer that everything remained impossible so that “God did it” will continue to perverse, reality is often disappointing. Human curiosity will always supersede indoctrination even if it takes a thousand years to manifest.

But, I suppose in another thousand years, scholars will sit in a spaceship on their way to an archeological excavation colony in one of Saturn’s moons, wondering if people who lived a thousand years ago had good bathes or smelled like whatever offensive odor they have going for them in 3021.

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