Madrid’s President calls Ronaldo an “Idiot”, Says No One “Likes” Morinho’s Face

Distasteful statements allegedly made by Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez has been leaked to the press.

From the virulent nature of the statements, Perez reportedly said that Cristiano Ronaldo is an “idiot”. According to El Confidencial who leaked the tapes, the incident occurred sometime in 2012.

The Madrid Supremo is alleged to have stated that Ronaldo and Mourinho had too much “ego”, and that this made them fail to listen to their agent severally.

“Even for interviews, they don’t listen to him. These are two guys with terrible egos, spoilt the pair of them, who don’t see the reality because they could both earn a lot more money if things were different.

Explaining his remarks, he said that the money they earn from behaving the way they do has spoilt them. He further stated that –

“They are both abnormal because we are talking about a lot of money in terms of image rights. And with that face they have, that challenging glare, the fact that no one likes them… if the publicity was different, everything changes.”

Jose Mourinho was Real Madrid coach between 2010 – 2013. He also coached C. Ronaldo in the same period before he was eventually relieved of the job.

Ronaldo left Real Madrid in 2018 and joined Juventus.

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