Scam: Are “Yahoo Boys” Actually Running Mad Or Is There Something Else?

With the massive spread of social media platforms across the country, it is not unusual to come across certain posts or videos showing someone who has allegedly ran mad due to a “Yahoo” related issue. Most of the times, this madness is attributed to the popular fraud phrase known to many as “Yahoo” or “Yahoo plus”.

Other times, a video or photos of a girl may be posted, and in the video, the said girl will be alleged by the poster to have been used by the “Yahoo Boys” for ritual purposes. 

However, what is common in most of this posts is that the posters never state how they came about that conclusion that the person is having some mental fits due to some alleged ritual or ritual-gone-wrong from fraud.

All they do is video or take a photograph of someone having some mental fits and pose it as Yahoo related rituals because most of the populace already believe in those of type of things. So, it becomes easy to sell it.

All of those videos are unverified with respect to what they claim as there are a lot of things that could easily lead to such breakdown of the individuals mental capacity. Obviously, one of them is drug or substance abuse – resulting mostly from the proliferation and easy access to psychotropic drugs all over the country.

With the influence of peer pressure and drug promotion through the print media, visual and audio means, it’s not news anymore that some young people may eventually take things that alter their mental state via psychedelics. Some may even overdose while looking for whatever it is they’re searching for in those psychotropic drugs. Eventually, for the ones their brains can’t withstand the weight, the drugs alters their motor functions, misplacing memories and reality for them – hence the uncontrollable acting out.

Apart from that, some alcohol brands can also knock a person out and make them lose their memories and motor functions momentarily. That notwithstanding, it usually washes off after a while and upon proper medical aid.

Other things that can easily cause a mental breakdown of a person include the genetics of the individual, Prenatal damage, Infections, Diseases, Toxins, Brain Defects and alterations in the Neurotransmitter systems.


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