Checkout the Right Marijuana “tab” to Tap into your Creative Spark

A lot of people fantasize about the weederness marijuana takes you to when you heat the leaves. The question of highness and its actual effect is something most wants to know about.

Various myths have been built about it that one begins to wonder if all the eulogies are weaved just to keep the marketing going. However, how do you explain the continuous success of something that is never advertised? Well, except recently though. There must be something about it.

A study was conducted and it was noticed that a lot of people smoke weed for different reasons. The responses given by users and non-users with respect to their perception and conception about smoking dope differ. As people vary, so are their taste and likes. Though the general consensus among the nonsmoker’s is that the highness is addictive, actual smokers will definitely disagree.

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Mr. Badru (not real name) was asked why he is now addicted to the drug and this was his reply –

“I mostly use it to relax. Once I come back from store, especially Saturdays, I buy it and then smoke. I also smoke it the next day and think about the week and the upcoming one. Finally, I go to church and thank God with my family and ask for his blessings and protection”.

Mr. Badru is not the only one who does similar things. However, further observations and interview revealed other reasons.

Alex, a mechanic in Aba metropolis said that he will probably feel bad all day if he didn’t smoke before going to work. According to him, he said –

“My brother, the problem of this world is too big, I don’t want to be thinking about them. So, I smoke weed in the morning before going to work”. When asked the reason why he does so, he said –

“It helps me to focus, pay serious attention to detail. I even crack more jokes and be happy all day.”

When told if he knew that the high derived from marijuana only lasts for about four (4) hours, he replied that he doesn’t notice it. He said –

“I maintain that happy spirit all day.” Going further, he added that –

“It is because of my happy spirit and cheerful attitude that endeared me to many customers. Even, many people that use to call me a tout for smoking cannabis has started smoking weed probably because of me. Now they respect me and we are all good.” he boasted.

When asked if he gets a compulsion to engage in illicit activities while under the influence, he said –

“It is better I beg than engage in anything that will tarnish my image… Even though I am not yet where I want to be, I am still grateful to God for everything.”

When he was asked about the right amount of rolls that gets him going, he replied –

“I will not lie to you; I used to smoke a lot in the beginning. But, after I realized my gauge, I have stuck with one full roll and a ‘tiny’ additional roll to light my spark for the day” he said, smiling cheerfully as if ruminating over the last time he did such.

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After a massive study that have spanned a period of eight (8) months and ten (10) days, the consensus number of roll to get your spark was pegged at 1.5 – 2.5 tabs. Other additions after these are typically seen as a waste and of no use, especially with superior breeds.

NB: Full details of this study are not available for now.

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