Saturday Morning Reflection

I live in a country where most people don’t care about anything except it is actually affecting them directly or has a religious undertone.

They would rather spend the whole year arguing about one religious text or the other than start a massive protest or follow the rules to make sure incompetent officials are disgraced out of office.

Someone once said the majority of Nigerians suffer from amnesia, and I quite agree with them. The country’s polity is filled with politicians and the fools. The blatant disregard for the people is overwhelming, and you would think that they would actually care enough to correct the injustice. Nah, acceptance of misrule is more of traditions around here.

Times has shown that majority of person’s who make noise online about the misrule orchestrated by the so called politicians don’t even have voters card. The one thing they can actually do to get the political climate corrected, they won’t. They prefer that things continue the way they are because that’s how they get their bread.

The politicians are the wisest of us, even though the so called educated elites will like to run their mouth and disparage them at any given time. I say this because they seem to be the only ones who sincerely understand that the majority of the people are selfish egomaniacs who only care about themselves and no one else.

It is not lost on the politicians that almost anyone can be bought in Nigeria. The ones that can’t be bought are simply persons who don’t have any affiliation with Nigerian politics. Unfortunately, such a person does not exist in Nigeria. I may be wrong though.

The people are so impoverished (of course taking straight out of the Subjugation playbook) that thinking about the future is totally suicidal. Why? How can one have a future if they don’t even know whether they can survive today.

The politicians know how to use stomach infrastructure to get what they want. They have perfected the skill that as bizzare as it sounds, and has continued to dominate headlines, they have continued to use it. Why do you think that is happening? They know the people who are actually going to vote them are malnourished and in acute hunger which they orchestrated.

I take a look at the insane inflation of practically everything sold in Nigeria today. When there is so much insecurity that farmers are unable to produce, who gains?
Who gains from the overwhelming insecurity in the land? If a country dependent on  FX for it’s foreign transaction continues to devalue it’s own national currency despite having everything it needs to be self reliable, who gains? If a country refuses to have a working refinery, who gains? If the roads are not built, who gains? If something as vital as electricity cannot be fixed in 60yrs, who gains?

I like to look at things from the point of gainers and losers since no one is in politics or business to play rockabilly. When you understand who gains from something, then you may begin to get insight as to why that thing is happening. Why will a country go all out to help a businessman build a state of the art refinery when its four (4) refineries are practically dormant and out of use? 

Nigeria is filled with hypocrites, and is not just the politicians. But unlike the hypocritical majority, the so called corrupt politicians have embraced theirs and are using same to their advantage.

Despite all the knowledge that the average Nigerian person has about the corruption in the country, have they done anything about it? Nah, most are simply hoping they get a seat at the table to continue tormenting their fellow countrymen because for some reason, they get a high from it.

Those who manage to meet wealth will rather use it to secure foot soldiers and bash it in the face of others so that you know they have arrived. They will make sure they publicize the arranged paparrazi peanuts they give so that the media can talk about it. It’s all about chasing clout because genuine help is never advertised.

The so called youths are even making it all easy for the politicians by being able enablers for peanuts or political aides. Conscience is eroded in place of stomach infrastructure. Citizens sell their rights for a bowl of rice and turn around to complain for the next four (4) years about bad governance. But, what do you expect?

I mean, they control all the means of State. The police, army and secret service personnel are all in their pockets. They conduct bogus recruitments just so that it is in the news that Government is creating jobs, only for applicants to realize their fate sooner or later. But, of course they will also pick random names just so that the randomly picked successful applicants will give testimony.

Everything is so fucked up in the country that you have to really congratulate the few good citizens who are still living in the country for their bravery in endurance of the generational misrule.

Everyday, Southerners are busy blaming the North for their woes. The North did this, the North did that; they are vampires, they’re dragging is backwards, bla bla bla bla bla. But, same Southerners were there when the same Northerners they like to disparage did one over them in the PIB passage.

The Northerners are not the ones getting billions every month for roads in the South. They’re not the ones getting 13% oil derivative. They don’t have oil, they don’t have gas, they practically have no mineral in commercial quantity that can sustain the country like oil or run a debt free Government without Federal allocation. But, for some reason, they’re the ones in charge of the all this things in the South. And yet, you blame them for your woes. The question is, how the fuck does an outsider gain foothold in your own house without you enabling it?

If the so called North is the problem of the South, why is the whole Southern region not uniting under a common front to escape the hell that is Nigeria and have their own country?

The funny thing is that, the people never learn. They are busy now hoping for 2023 elections as if anything is going to change when there is absolutely nothing statistically or otherwise that supports such narrative. The same politicians they are complaining about are the ones they’re hoping will redeem the country in 2023.

The only thing the politicians need to do again is press the “mumu” button by linking religion and tribal sentiment, and all of a sudden “He/She is one of us” starts filling the places with Atikulate and Tinubulate . How do you pity such people? You don’t, you milk their stupidity!


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