Philosophy Monday (15)

Once again, we continue with our perspectives on some philosophical questions that needs answers.

These are two more philosophical questions about human nature and the human condition.

56. Does knowledge have intrinsic value or does it need to have a practical use to have value?

I will like to look at knowledge from the perspective of a gun. Knowledge is gun. Does a gun have intrinsic value? Does a gun need to have a practical use to have value?

On it’s own, a gun is practically useless, but it’s use is never in doubt.

If the safety it’s on, does it make the gun useless? What if the safety is off but the trigger is not pulled, does it warrant the gun a “useless” tag? What if the trigger is pulled but there was no bullet in the chambers, is the gun useless?

Knowledge is, and whatever happens, it is what it is. Having knowledge of a thing is one thing, it’s practical application is another ball game. What if the practical application didn’t solve the purpose for which it is applied, does it make the knowledge useless?

What you do with knowledge is up to you. Whether or not you apply it or if it works practically doesn’t change the nature of knowledge – it will always be no matter how you are accessing or applying it. Whatever it turned out to be is more of use than value.

57. What would you genetically change about humans to make them a better species?

How do you know what is imperfect? Are humans imperfect?

You realize that imperfection lies at the eyes of the beholder. What’s good for Tom may not be good for Jerry.

In the same manner, it will be difficult to actually know what to change about humans without making them loose humanity. How do you make someone better?

To make something better, you would have comprehensively studied it to understand what made it defective in the first place.

How do you define a defective human? Is it anyone that is born with physical conditions? Is it anyone with incomplete body parts? Or is it anyone with a fucked up psyche?

If you were to be in the position to make humans a better specie, what will you do? Invade their mind and plant thoughts? Probably ensure they maintain an illusion that doesn’t allow them realize same? Or maybe just outrightly create an Utopia, the so called wonderland of forever after?

This is definitely a difficult question to answer. Since we do not know what perfection is, it will be hard to attain one. But, we can try to make things better.

In the world we live in today, we can try and make life generally easy for all by ensuring we don’t contribute to people’s descent into unfamiliar psyches that will ultimately turn out in the long run to ruin things for us as they would have turned to societal aberrants.

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