When you Learn Something new,  You Open up a Higher Version of Yourself

Learning makes opportunity for growth. If we don’t learn any new thing, then we are stuck with what we already know. Unfortunately, what we know at any particular point in time is never enough or just enough to get by most of the time.

This is why learning is highly encouraged. They say we don’t go to school to learn something new. We go their to update our brain and fine tune it to understand things we already have an idea of or yet to come in contact with.

Whichever way it is, learning helps us embrace a new upgrade in our mental growth. By learning something new, you have allowed yourself to suppress the conservative aspect of you while giving room to further absorbing branches in your cognition so as to expand your knowledge base.

As with all acquired knowledge, learning allows you to gain insight into things in ways you wouldn’t have ordinarily imagined them if you haven’t been exposed to such experience in the past. Learning opens up a higher version of yourself that is already in you. You ain’t got no external hard drive now, do you?


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