Saturday Morning Reflections

The Masses

Seems like everyone sees the Nigerian “masses” as easy piece of cake and therefore they are always being taken for a ride.

The government has practically shown it is an unrepentant nepotistic tribalist who thinks the sun rises out of it’s ass.

They have serially succeeded in wrecking the country economically after running out of excuses for their trial and error  approach to governance that ran the Nigerian economy to the ground. Today, the countries currency is almost getting to the “useless” level while the “masses” continue hoping that those bent on exploiting their indolence will suddenly do an abracadabra and everything will be alright.

The FG’s folly has resulted in free for all democracy where defined rules are only for the “masses”.

Up North, banditry, terrorism and kidnap kingpins have created empires, earning as much as N3billion in sweet seasons. They have seen that carrying gun and explosives gives you leverage and lands you a place at the table that shares national cakes. The “masses” are the targets expectedly, never the known official tormentors.

The government is bad, wrecked the country’s economy with useless and backward policies that keeps churning out poverty in multiple folds. So, it’s a widely known fact, and you would think that the fools who picked up arms will face their tormentors. But nah, the “masses” must bear the grunt.
They have turned their people to labourer’s in their own personal farms or risk imminent and horrific death. Either way, get ready for a ransome.

Expectedly, self-aclaimed freedom fighters are on the rise, fighting for the “masses” and to restore whatever version of their self-learned free society with their propaganda without minding if they set the country on fire to achieve same.

Down South, a secessionist group is threatening to lockdown Igbo land (if the news circulating around is to be believed). But of course, lock down your land, starve your people and hope that it affects the Federal Government. What a wonderful award winning tactics – it really needs a Pulitzer award for it’s great ingenuity. Wow!

The question is, when are the masses going to actually start standing up for themselves and stop leaving their fight in the hands of people who are only about their selfish interests? When is the masses going to be selfish with it’s needs and interests?

It’s funny that the people are yet to realize that he who must fight injustice “must” be ready to fight and win or face the consequences of standing up to established oligarchs. People who stand up to fight injustice must never get a half victory or rejoice in piecemeal battles.

In a society full of “masses” whose only wish is probably to get a “connection” and ascend to the same political throne and subjugate their comrades for personal reasons, only the “masses” can fight for themselves. But, who are The Masses?


  1. Wow. This piece really brings the actual situation into perspective. T hats a very bad downward spiral and a ticking bomb. Corruption is dangerous seed and sad to see how it’s taking down African economies. We see it also in the south and our eastern region. Cartels taking over and broking the government making it their puppet.
    The picture you shared of the official begging from the corrupt just shows how deep this spiral goes, the wars and politics to. Hopefully the masses wake up just as we are silently wishing that we wake up to..

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