5 Things You Should Know About “Satirical Liturgy: A Case for Satan”

Satirical Liturgy is a satire told in a liturgical style.

A Case for Satan is a story that centres on a cosmic battle for human supremacy that started after humans sued God and Satan before Chukwu.

The series is scheduled to run for a limited time. Each publication for the week will be released every Monday. It will be a continuation of the last story. A Case for Satan is the first of many Satirical Liturgies that will be published on the site.

Here are five things you should know about this ironical story filled with fun and irreligious vulgarities –

1) The story doesn’t take itself too serious; you shouldn’t either

2) Non-satirist’s will never get the point.

3) It doesn’t care about your feelings. As a matter of fact, it is going to shove it down your throat – Be warned.

4) It is a story written exclusively by CLDF.

5) It is a hardcore nonreligious satire told in a liturgical way.

For Enquiries about licensing and republishing, contact uptownerd1@gmail.com

Happy Reading.

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