BBNAIJA 2021: Saga Sucks Tega’s Breast, Husband Says She’s Just Starting

The madness begins again with the first Truth or Dare game of the season.

Apparently, Tega was dared to show a guy her breast. After the dare, she literally went around the whole room checking out the lips of the guys who were around.

After checking for a while, she settled with Saga and took him to a corner in the room. There, she showed him her titties and also allowed him to suck one of them.

Expectedly, the act has got fans of the lewd show talking, especially because Tega is allegedly a married woman.

In a bizarre twist or confirmation of events, the alleged husband has spoken out in response to what his wife did. However, what he said has left fans wondering what is really going on.

Here is an excerpt from his Instagram page -@ajmoney001. According to the husband –

“My wife is an actress. If that was a movie scene, she would still do more.

“Let’s try and subscribe to Showmax, that’s the content I signed up for.

“Expect more. Tega I love you baby.”

Fans are still wondering whether the alleged husband is a simp or if it’s all scripted.

In the other Truth or Dare game, Jackie B opted to do squats than kiss a male when it was her turn as instructed by Cross.

Due to her refusal to kiss a housemate, she was given the punishment of doing 30 squats which she gladly did.

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