“Divine Revelation” is a Tool of Subjugation and Logic Suppression

A revelation has to do with getting in contact with knowledge you didn’t already have.

What is divine about a revelation? Why would a revelation be divine if it is being revealed by a human? Of course there is nothing divine about a revelation. It’s all hogwash spewed from the mouth of con men to deceive and arrogate to themselves thing’s they’re not.

Of course, it would take a certain kind of brainwashing to believe that some kind of spiritual being whispered something through dream or any other medium to some people and the con men rightfully interpreted it to a satisfactory level and finally decoded the meaning. All of a sudden, it turns to “Divine Revelation”.

It’s understandable some people want to feel they are special and that some entity somewhere thinks about them all the time. But, reality is quite disappointing. One of the best ways to know a liar is when they use the word “God” to give power to their con stories in order to legitimate the scam.

Once the name is sold you, depending on your belief system, your guards may be lowered – logic suppression. You are no longer reasoning or thinking logically but rather focused on the truthfulness or otherwise of the fraud message being sold to you.


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