MOVIES: What Movie are you Watching Right Now? Check the Top 5 List for this Week

In this series, we bring you some cool movies to chill out the weekend with. Here are top 5 you should consider feasting your eyes on –


Brief Plot: Tom Clancy’s action packed thrillers seems to be getting a visual home in Amazon Prime Video.After years of delay, the movie was finally made with star of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan starring as Kelly.

Kelly, a US Navy Seal found himself at the centre of a conspiracy that resulted in the murder of his wife and child by Russian hit men. Looks like your normal cliché movies, but “Without Remorse” is a modern generic take on the revenge for loved ones. It is brutal, bloody and full of actions that will definitely get your heart pumping hard.


Brief Plot: James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is a sequel to the first one directed by Ayer. The general consensus by audience and fans at this moment is that the movie is worth a watch.

It is hilarious, bloody and doesn’t take itself too serious. The DC Comics band of misfits is once again called upon to save mankind from [wait for it] evil. The movie is still in theatres at the moment, so go catch fun with the lighthearted jovial epic.


Brief Plot: When the son of a mob lord gets killed by highway thieves, he searched everywhere to get the killers but couldn’t get his hands on them.

However, after concluding that the job was done by Professionals, he embarked in an undercover work and soon uncovers the whole plot. Expectedly, Jason Statham unleashes his wrath. Who will survive?


Brief Plot: The movie focuses on the real life circumstances surrounding the Black Panthers and how the quest to fight corruption, inclusion of Blacks in governance and racism was sabotaged by a Judas working undercover for the FBI.


 Brief Plot: A desperate father looking for his lost daughter was recruited to kill a writer who writes people into his stories. He was offered the opportunity in return for his employers using their big tech to help find his daughter.

However, he will soon find out that he didn’t have the capacity to murder the young man and ended up befriending him. As it turned out, his own dreams were also part of the writer’s stories and his daughter was inside the ongoing series which the said writer updated regularly.  Also, he soon discovered that the daughter was probably dead after a chance meeting with the mob that kidnapped her.

However, all hope was not lost as he must enter the storyline to rescue his daughter who was revealed to be part of the main story. Will he succeed in his quest?

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