Deep in Your Mind, You are Empty, Don’t Wanna Be Alone and Love Attention


Just feeling funky this morning, so I decided to write this fuck you topic to life. Life is inglorious as I see it, afraid that it might get forgotten. The fear of phasing out of existence must be so devastating; it does everything to keep living.

Why do you live just to die over and over again in a never ending cycle of birth? You latch on to existence whichever way you can only to wither away like the morning dues when the sun wakes up at dawn. You bloom like a rose under the morning lights but your face is forever Hildegard.

You want to keep living forever and ever and therefore you are ready to damn all things to eternal damnation and rebirth, almost like you are playing a joke on your parasitic hold on existence.  Life be damned you little piece of shit.

You care not the form you take because you know no structure. You make yourself into shapes and laugh at your ugly faces in the mirror of your own illusion. But, of course you would, after all what’s a joke without a laugh. I would probably laugh at you myself, but I know you would enjoy that too – the one who entertains itself at the expense of existence, an illusionary mirage made real by matter.

Silhouette of woman sitting alone on the bench against twilight sky over a mountain.

But, I guess I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes. I actually feel sorry for you; deep inside, I understand your plight. What else can you do after all? You are a curse unto yourself. You are the yin and yang of your fate. You alone must carry on for all eternity because nothing is. I feel your burden and the yoke of your subsistence. Oh life, I am so sorry for you.

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