BBNAIJA Truth or Dare 2021: Kisses, Nipple Sucking and D!ck Rob’s

The highly rated show is at it again with the things it is popularly known for.

Last season was full of dramas, especially during the Truth or Dare games where housemates are dared to perform an activity. Fortunately, most of them opt to go for dares with sexual appeal.

Due to the high appeal, some housemates has found themselves in seemingly difficult situations where they had to choose a corporal punishment or performing the dare.

The Shine Ya Eye edition don’t seem to be stopping that tradition at the moment as it is one of the chilling moments fans are always looking out for.

Last week, a housemate was dared to kiss someone, and she went all round the room checking out the lips of guys before setting on someone. But it didn’t end there, Saga was dared to suck Tega’s nipple at a corner they were in the room. They also performed the act on live TV.

Also, same last week, Maria kissed cross while Angel grabbed Pere’s d!ck.

Yesterday, new housemate, Kayvee found himself at the receiving end of double dares from Angel. At first, Angel was dared to check rub a guys d!ck. She instantly chose Kayvee and did her thing.

Also, when it came for time to kiss someone, Angel also went for the new guy, raising concerns that things may not be going well with her in-house affairs with Sammie – or it’s just the games.

Who knows what the future holds as the journey to the N90m prize money continues.

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