Nigerians React to Kidnap of Commissioner of Information by Bandits, Say’s they don’t Mind

In his reaction to the kidnap of the Niger State Commissioner of Information, Deji Adeyanju said Nigerians wouldn’t mind if bandits turned their activities on politicians.

He said – “
If the bandits & terrorists are kidnapping only politicians, the insecurity situation would have been solved since & majority of Nigerians won’t have any issue with the bandits.”

Apparently, Deji is not alone in his views of the situation. The Northwest and NorthEast zone of Nigeria are currently under siege by bandits and terrorists maiming, kidnapping and causing terror wherever they can.

Despite the heavy security budget’s and continuous joint military intervention in the area, the problem doesn’t seem to be  ending. It has been politicized and now the polity is shook. No one is safe as it is anymore. The latest casualty is the Commissioner of Information, Niger State who was allegedly kidnapped by bandits.

In reaction to Deji’s statement about the Official’s kidnap, some Nigerians have taken to a popular social network to express their opinions.

Most of the comments are in support of what he said. According to them, if the politicians start feeling the heat of insecurity themselves, they will be forced to tackle it and restore peace in the country.

Check out their comments below:

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