20 Hilarious Gin Quotes


  • 1) Don’t serve spirits, serve gin.
  • 2) Sorry, I don’t take anything stronger than gin after dinner.
  • 3) Hey, it’s gin not gym.
  • 4) Its Gin O’clock.
  • 5) Gin up and bear it.
  • 6) Don’t cry over spoilt broth, it could have been Gin.
  • 7) I have tried to say no to Gin, but it is 41% stronger than me.
  • 8) Its Christmas, let’s Gin-gle bells all the way.
  • 9) Drink responsibly, don’t spill the Gin.
  • 10) What is my superpower?  I make Gin disappear.
  • 11) Don’t gin and drive.
  • 12) Just trust me; i know you can do it. – Gin.
  • 13) Hey, I’m not invincible, I am just Ginvincible.
  • 14) You cannot buy happiness? No problem, you can buy Gin.
  • 15) Joy to the world, Gin is with us.
  • 16) Its Christmas, all roads leads to Gin.
  • 17) So long as you know where to be, Gin will be there.
  • 18) Gin is the drink that holds all time together.
  • 19) Christmas is as exciting as Gin, no matter your age.
  • 20) The Christmas fever is not in the drink, it’s in the Gin.


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