20 Days Captive In Nigeria: Israeli Film Crew Release Documentary on Igbo Jews and DSS Ordeal (Video)

Rudy Rochman and his crew has released the documentary of their ordeal in custody after Department of State Services (DSS) arrested them in Nigeria.

They were meted out inhumane treatments and made to sleep in a nasty prison in Abuja according to the documentary.

The “We Were Never Lost” team came to Nigeria a few days after the international fiasco with IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu. Reports say they were in the West African country to film a documentary of Igbo Jews in Ogidi, Anambra State. However, they couldn’t do that as DSS arrested them before filming could go far.

They came to Nigeria to film an episode of their documentary series exploring the stories, struggles, and aspirations of the Igbo Jews. However, while filming was going on, they were incarcerated and held in cages for weeks.

An excerpt from the documentary:

Our experience has only given us even more drive to uncover and share the stories of disconnected communities of Jews around the world.”

“We experienced weeks of what Igbo Jews face every day and if our suffering has led to mainstream Jews waking up to the reality of their Igbo family, then we are proud of the sacrifice we had to pay.”

Watch the Documentary

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