5 Things You Can Learn About A Person’s Personality From Simple Observation

What can one learn about a person’s personality just by observing them?

Most people pretend when they’re around other people, and so there’s a high chance their guards will be up when interacting with them.

That notwithstanding, there are cues that have been proving over time which will reveal the personality. But, it doesn’t come cheap as one must have knowledge of these cues so as to percept them in others.

Here are a few observations to help you learn about a person’s personality from simple observations –

1. People who speak bad of others with you, will likely speak ill of you when you are not around.

Let’s just say that if they found it easy to tarnish other people’s image in front of you, you may soon find yourself as one of those people when the going gets disturbed by any of the known or unknown elements that distorts relationships.

2. If you observe them excessively hating on something, they probably cannot afford it.

Some people have a habit of generating “hate” capable of powering nuclear reactors. The thing is, it may not really be authentic as the hatred is probably being continually fueled by an unknown anger – mostly the inability to afford it.

3. If someone starts asking for weird favors from you out of the blue moon, they probably read that somewhere and are trying to make you like them.

It’s a known psychological effect that small favours eventually add up. You may not like the big one.

4. When you crack a joke or smear someone else with a killer jibe, If their laughter appears a bit “performed”, they are trying to control your impression of them.

5. If a guy is serious about getting under the pants of a girl he admires, he will do everything necessary to score, including being a fool in love.

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