The Biggest Summer Slam 2021 is How Barca and Real Madrid’s Immediate Captains Ended Up As Teammates.

From the generation that gave us the biggest Classico moments, introducing Lionel Messi , six times World Player of the Year and his nemesis, Sergio Ramos.

It’s like a match made in heaven, albeit with a little bitter sweet twist. Just few months ago, Sergio Ramos, the M. Sallah smack-man would have given anything in the world to frustrate Messi’s life on the pitch.

Where are you going to, young man?
Hi Messi
Two love birds knocking their heads.
Messi: Give Me the ball. Ramos: Take it if you can

But, as so many of football bizarre moments turn out to be, Ramos is going to be his guardian on the pitch going forward. Ramos was signed shortly before Messi was added to the PSG roster.

Both Captains left the team they built their stardom around for different reasons, although Messi’s has been much publicized than his. This is the second time Paris Saint Germaine is getting one over La Liga in as many years, the first being the Neymar transfer which has remained the costliest football transfer till date.

My Precious
You are leaving me in La Liga all alone? Oh no, I will be seeing you soon on the greener side of Paris, Okay, don’t cry.

PSG gained more than 20million followers across their media platforms the moment it was revealed that they Paris based side has signed the Argentine superstar has signed a two years contract with them.

You see, I told you, here we are again.

I guess their teammates will get to hear Classico stories everyday in the dressing room. Such is life.

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