Accept that not Everyone Will Like you

A wise man once said –

Everybody is going to have an opinion on you; not everyone is going to like you. You can’t live your life based on other people’s opinions of you or let that change what you do or how you feel about yourself, because then you’re not living.”  —  Rumer Willis

As he said, the moment you start caring about what everyone else thinks about your life, you stop living and start conforming to their fantasies of you.

Some will probably go the extent to hate you for your guts, what you stand for or how you are quite different and not stuck up like them. Other’s may not even hate you for any reason, they just don’t like you and have no business explaining anything to you. But, that’s alright.

You have to accept that others may never take you for what you want then to even if you tried. Why? Because everyone is selfish and deep inside, we only care about what is ours. What is not directly linked to us is open to so many interpretations that probably has nothing to do with the true facts of the situation.

If you try pleasing everyone, you will end up miserable. Instead, focus on your own goals and try your best to follow them through. It will keep your mind off of irrelevant noises while maintaining focus on your actual priorities.

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