Self Calm

The ability to remain calm in all circumstances is a practice no one will teach you.

It’s a practice because all it takes is just a second to loose it all and cause irreparable damage to yourself and others.

Being at ease and putting up a composed attitude always takes time to master. If the knowledge transfer singers are to be believed to the later, it takes 10,000hrs to be a master at anything. So, the ability to master calmness will also take you the same exact amount of time.

You learn to be calm, because the normal Id, the real you is an animal. Left on it’s own, it wants to act out always and doesn’t really bother about the consequences of it’s action. But, you owe it as a duty to yourself never to give in to the selfish compulsion to unleash your innermost chaos.

Self calm allows you to first assess before deriving an interpretation while also bearing in mind that the interpreted outcome may not be the best one yet.

Self calm is the ability to look 10yrs beyond your current state and realize that whatever may be a priority today will probably loose relevance after a decade except character.

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