What to Do When Someone Tries to Trigger Your Ego by Insulting You

They’re just trying to intimidate you and make you feel like they have a personal power over you. Deep in their mind, they hope you give in to your basic response system.

In their mind, you are a soft target to be picked on based on their personal metrics. I don’t know where the feeling comes from but it’s not from a good place.

Obviously their target  preference are those who they believe will not fight back or give them a clapback. So, having probably analyzed your personality, they want to incite you by triggering your ego with an insult.

But, knock back instantly and show them you are a hard nut. Don’t do what they expect you to by reacting, instead give a well articulated response and disengage instantly.

Even bully’s don’t like hard tagets before they get seen for what they really are – undercover cowards.

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