BBNaija 2021: Actors, Sissies and a Mental Case

It’s been one hell of a ride so far at the Big Brother Naija reality TV Show 2021. From the Friday night Jacuzzi parties to the Saturday night parties graced by some popular DJ’s in the house.


I guess the drive to win N90m will make anyone think hard about missing such an opportunity, especially when all you have to do is be a dramatis personae in the house. But, at the moment, it seems everyone wants to be noticed for one thing or the other, almost like they are pushing it too hard.

I guess this may be the reason why Kayvee decided to leave the house because he couldn’t cope and it was affecting his mental health. Then again, winning N90m is not going to come on a platter, even when you have finally made it to the house. At this point, everyone is practically a drama queen in the house.


Apparently, Pere is gradually turning to a bully in the house and it is showing. Two days ago, a verbal fight broke out between him and Whitemoney over a misunderstanding after the usual night games. Pere was quoted as saying that Whitemoney is monopolizing kitchen duties and wants to use it as way to win the show.

Apparently, Pere thinks his competitor is getting better reviews and that cooking may be upping Whitemoney’s odd in the house. He is allegedly seeking to have Whitemoney removed from the kitchen.

Whitemoney was heard shouting at the top of his voice that Pere doesn’t like him. However, they were both restrained by other housemates to avoid the situation turning into a physical brawl.


Kayvee left the house after a mental breakdown – couldn’t cope. Apparently, not everyone is cut out for N90m. According to the young man who was introduced just last week, he had to leave to on health grounds. He said –

“I underestimated the effect isolation would have on my mental health and integrating with the other housemates,” Kayvee said in a statement on Wednesday.

“I honestly wanted to stay till the 72nd day, and I believe that I have the personality, the empathy, and the game spirit to have made it to the end.

“But, certain events that happened in quick succession escalated the anxiety I felt and impacted my being the jovial, energetic, and fun person that I am.”

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