Africa Loves to Forgive and Forget their Oppressors, Even Adopt their Masters Religion

Take a look at the Arab-Muslim slave trade that promulgated laws to castrate African male slaves while the females are enslaved, raped, violated and bred for reproduction. Today, a huge percentage of same Africans cozy up to Islam which helped legalize the destruction of their homeland and carried a out massive enslavement of their brother’s, sisters, father’s and mothers; and of course facilitating the spread of Islam since Muslims cannot enslave their brothers.

But, common research shows that, and I am not downplaying the enablement of natives, most Africans who dealt in slave trades couldn’t have imagined the type of evil they were handing their kinsmen over to.

In most African cultures, slavery is actually a normal thing, and here is why. People in debt could offer themselves to their debtor as payment until a debt is satisfied and the person will regain their freedom. People who mistakenly killed other people could be offered as replacements to appease the bereaved. Stubborn children were sold as slaves so as to avoid embarrassment to family on extreme occasions.

The lazy in the society could also decide to be slaves to the richer ones so as to have access to daily meals. There were so many ways slavery was going on, invluding through forceful captures, war prisoners and some may not make for good stories.

But, the type of slavery that went on across the oceans and seas and the inhumane treatments meted out to this Africans around the 7th century and onwards couldn’t have been imagined by their people that enabled the slavery.

    The Europeans sponsored missionaries to soften Africans after realizing and learning from the Arabs that Africans don’t mind selling each other as slaves. Yeah, as it turned out, slavery was lucrative and Blackman was the best product in the market.

Of course today, most European countries are regretting their part in the evil enterprise they established and even did their best to abolish same, including making reparations and returning stolen artifacts. But, the marks still hover and the scars ain’t going nowhere anywhere soon.

Today, a lot of Africans cozy up to Christianity as if their life depends on it, propagating the Bible that supports slavery and all manner of evil as the word of a God.

Well trust Africans in their ability to repackage evil and make it more attractive. Today, the number of Churches outnumber schools and total businesses in Nigeria, Africa’s largest concentration of black indigenous people. The churches even have branches and headquarters where they operate from just like their former master’s did while softening the targets for massive exploitation ab initio.

Today, the words of Clergy men are sacred  and fraudsters masquerading as the mouthpiece of a God have skimmed their way to billionaire status while members continue to hope for eternal riches in an imaginary heaven.

• Local Politicians

For this one, I am going to quote the words of a well known national politician who loves boat cruises and doesn’t care about sailing ships. In his words, he said –

Politics is about bridge-building regardless of your differences. It is not war. You can be friends with your political adversary & still disagree. It’s called politics without bitterness & being civilised” and this just about sums up the whole Nigerian and most of African political landscape. Unfortunately, most commoners will never get it. Do you know why?

Well, when the Masters left, they didn’t just leave and said yeah, you guys should take care of yourself as you please. Would you? I mean who leaves the golden geese even after growing a conscience? The show must go on. But, how? Create positional dummies by making them dependent on you for their basic things in life while ensuring that they never get stable enough to handle their own affairs and discard your imperialism. What happened next?

Well, remember how I told you earlier that Africans don’t mind enabling slavery, that’s the key – so long as they get just enough crumbs to feel they’re important with their overinflated egos.

Rare Picture of a Politician enjoying boiled corn, a rare African delicacy.

So, what we have today are fellow Africans who has mastered the art of stomach infrastructure and manipulation of government machineries to feed their imperial Lords, cronies and themselves.

As expected, the masses are left worshipping the political jingoism of local statesmen who have arrogated to themselves the steering wheels of the economy, hugging it as tight as they can because they know the reality of leaving such a stronghold – a paradise of freebies amassed by the public for their special frivolities and foolish witch-hunts.

And now, the oppressed are hoping to dine with the master, to do their bidding and probably plotting to overthrow and enshrine their own modernized skimming ways. The local Masters have turned Gods and their words are now religion. I weep for Africa.

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