Unbelievable! See What Dad does Everytime Wife Asks about Son’s Safety

Well, you can’t deny the maternal care and protective nature when it comes to their children.

So, this couple had a child and sometimes, the dad has to look after the kid. Well, trust Mums to always be Moms.

But, this dad took things to another level with his photo manipulation skills. Apparently, dad didn’t like that mum is always worried about the child and so decided to make a joke out of the whole thing.

Here are pictures he posts each time the mother asks if Junior is okay –

Hey look, we are just hanging out.
Baby doesn’t mind the rain, wants to feel the soft touch liquid touch of mother nature
James Bond in his childhood years testing out his new toys and how how to maneuver at insane angles.
Daughter: Let’s play catch dad.
Dad: Throw Junior Over

Uhmm, will it wash him totally? Do I need more Baby Calgon?
Baby the Most High!
Oh my God, dad finally allowed me to ride a balloon mom. Yeaaaah!
I bet Phelps can’t jump such heights, but I can. What do you think mum?

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