I Have My Own Drugs

I don’t know about you but I have my own drugs. It makes me see beyond the fogs. Forget the cheap hugs. I’ve come to a clarity. Now I see. I see beyond the lies that traps flies. I see the polished smile. I see behind the fake cheapness and plastic antics. I see those phoney care showered in disguise. I see self-acclaimed importance the fools pride themselves with. I see the overblown ego, cheap in its construction and excuted with the poorest of instructions. I’ve seen brains that leak of stupidity and constant decay.

Life is filled with unquestionable chains of possibilities, each wheeling us to the impurities and purities of life. You just have to choose. Let no one deceive you by saying you have no choice. You can join the noise or make your voice heard. Greed and selfishness makes us belittle our worth and makes us join the bandwagon carrying filth. Self doubts and what ifs chains us within the boundaries of fear. In the shadows of fear the light seems a lot dimmer and far from our reach. However the light is in us. A light that can power a city. The light is that breath of God which brought us into existence. It’s the very ember that should remind you of your relevance and it’s the ticket to a whole new possibilities. Do you doubt me? Don’t, and as I have already told you I’ve my own drugs. Now I see.

Just because things are not going your way doesn’t mean you should flame up the chords of bitterness and envy, it engulfs the gutters of the heart and channels in negative energy. Darkness feeds from such energy. Avoid wickedness, it’s a parade best suited for fools. Most have sold their conscience in a science of deceits and charades. When will we drop the façade? We swallow everything they said; hook, line and sinker. We linger when we are to do good. But if we are to create havoc we quickly jump to it. Have you asked yourself why its easier to destroy something, than build it? We are our own downfall. Sieve what you believe in. Don’t trust in any man, trust in God and if you can’t at least trust in yourself. Don’t be anyone’s fool. But don’t claim to be full, we all are a work in progress. Don’t be a tool to any man’s destruction, your sons will be forced to face karma’s instruction.

At the very end, we’ll all die, don’t leave a legacy that will exhume your carcass from the grave and pick on your lineage one at a time. I’m not telling you lies or saying this out of the thin air. As I said, I have my own drugs. My drug is not prescribed, their is no science behind it. No laboratory-fine-tuning, it’s better if I describe it.

Photo by Nick Collins on Pexels.com

Have you asked yourself why the wicked are more prosperous? They are prosperous because you care to find out. In finding out you join the gang, get gagged and forced to join the legion of the dark world. So you think making money in millions is easy without cutting through corners that will question your little conscience? You think you can withstand the sheer bravado that comes with currency? Do you think it’s a frequency you can maintain without one or two sacrifice that should suffice? You either work hard or join the wagon or end up poor, with bags of regrets at your wrinkle old age. The dark world needs more soul to join their mission. Their aim is to frustrate the plans of the Most High. You were born into this eternal war. Your father’s father fought this very war, your children will too. Forget this sermons about the end is near, the end is here. The world ended the day it begun. That, most people don’t know.

The race is paved with grace and the pace you run in will not determine anything if it is spent chasing shadows. If your aim is to chase wealth, family and self be my guest. Keep it up. You’ll gas out at the end and when you look back on your death bed (if you’re that lucky) you will find out the basic truth. Not many die in the bed or die while sleeping. What if death knock when you’re on the busy road, what if it’s by fire or by an accident that happened in the twinkle of an eye? Yes nobody wants that. Everyone wants to die at some ripe age, having achieved enough to at least be comfortable. Would you want to leave this life without truly living? Do you want to find out at the very end that you were never in the race called life. How many people have you helped or influenced their lives positively? Are you an agent of the natural principles of existence? Do you believe that good begets good? What is your legacy? Your houses , flashy cars and toys, your children’s educated at exotic colleges, your beautiful wife, your bogus bank accounts, darling husband?

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

Well they are all good to have ,no one should fault a good thing. Spirituality is not rooted in being a conservative prude; live a life of a monk or a nun. But as you receive, so should you give in equal measure. Give and take, let nature feed your cause and reap through you. Offer sacrifices, not slaughtered fat animals, those days are gone. Live but help, preach love and kindness. Preach joy and freedom. Live in the fullness of life. A sick beggar on the road may be an Angel sent on a sabbatical on earth. That way; your neighbor, may be an Angel sent down on earth for a mission. Do you think, they will know if they were angels? Won’t it defeat the purpose of their coming? If they knew will you think they will give you a clue? Do you know if they are serving out their punishment? What if you are an Angel sent by God for an assignment, to test if you can find him as a neutral person devoid of that knowledge? Do you think you are making any grand effort? Do you think He who sent you is happy?

(I am not a preacher, I’m not reaching out to you. I am not writing this for fools to understand or for you to reply, commend, comment or criticize. I wrote this for you to reflect on.)

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