Scientists Discover Four-legged Whale that lived 43 million Years ago

According to The Royal Society Publishing that publishes scientific researches and discoveries in journal’s, the fossils of a Whale specie that lived about 43 million years ago has been identified. This was contained in the Publication “A new protocetid whale offers clues to biogeography and feeding ecology in early cetacean evolution”.

Here is an excerpt from the Abstract of the report –

“Protocetids are Eocene whales that represent a unique semiaquatic stage in that dramatic evolutionary transformation.

“Here, we report on a new medium-sized protocetid, Phiomicetus anubis gen. et sp. nov., consisting of a partial skeleton from the middle Eocene (Lutetian) of the Fayum Depression in Egypt.

“The new species differs from other protocetids in having large, elongated temporal fossae, anteriorly placed pterygoids, elongated parietals, an unfused mandibular symphysis that terminates at the level of P3, and a relatively enlarged I3.”

The evolution of Whales is believed to have started about 50million years ago in Asia according to Paleontologists. The going scientific theory is that they evolved from land animals to aquatic creatures millions of years ago.

The newly discovered specie in Egypt is believed to be one of the earliest evolutions of the huge sea mammal.

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