Take Ownership of Your Life – Saturday Morning Reflections

Years from now, not a lot of people will probably remember your name. However,  the choices you have made, the manner you lived and your legacy will obviously speak so much for the generations who follow after you.

It’s easy to start blaming others about how unlucky and unprivileged you were and be broke forever or you can  sincerely take possession of your life and do what it actually takes to be wealthy.

Decide your own fate. Many people believe their fate has been sealed, signed and delivered without their making.
Therefore, they refuse to put in the requisite fervor needed to catapult them to their zenith.

What’s your addiction? Alcohol? Tobacco? Status? Approval? Comfort? It’s hard to really take ownership of your affairs if you are susceptible to certain habits that will eternally drag you down and keep you at a level where you are forever dependent – addicted. As long as you’re addicted to something, you cannot be free  and it is impossible to take charge of your life without being free.

“The happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life.”  —  Brian Tracy

People who assign blames to others instead of themselves are those who can’t be helped.
The moment you decide to stop blaming other people or
making excuses, that is the day you will take total control over your own life affairs.

Taking responsibility for your acts will trigger you into engaging in actions geared towards dealing with your problems instead of just whining about it to whoever cares to listen.

We all have fears and doubts but you don’t have to condemn yourself to these fears. Acknowledge it, embrace them, own same and forge ahead at all times champ. Your life is your responsibility. Nobody is going to save you but yourself.

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