Afghanistan: Why is the Taliban so Difficult to get rid of?

Afghans have dominated the global headlines in recent times after the Taliban took control of central power.

What has left many bemused is a standing Afghan army which didn’t put up any form of resistance but simply caved in. They were allegedly trained by the US military and equiped with multi-billion dollar war gadget’s built.

Following the terror attack on 9/11, an invasion of Afghanistan was sanctioned, leading to the overthrow of  Taliban rule. The USA and it’s allies have since spent 20yrs in the region until recently when former President, Donald Trump signed off on the evacuation of American forces from the war torn area.

Why Is the Taliban Difficult to Get Rid of?

Well, as you already know, Afghanistan is nicknamed the graveyard of empires. Many world powers have invaded the mountainous country, but all of them left in the same manner – they realized it’s always going to be a fruitless effort, especially due to the tough terrains of the country.

When the United States invaded the country at first in 2001, they were welcomed as the people’s liberators. But, apparently Uncle Sam overstayed it’s welcome and ordinarily, they will be regarded as foreign occupiers. This is how the Taliban easily recruited new fighters.

Even though they created an Afghan army with it’s headquarters in Kabul, most young Afghans joined the military  because they had no jobs. Joining the army would allow them get food and a small salary which they could share with their family and relatives.

Deep inside, as was seen in the easy surrender, it’s obvious most probably had no loyalty to the foreign backed Afghan government since they just wanted to milk this cow as long as it could produce milk. When it stopped yielding, they had no intention of fighting and dying for the government in Kabul.

However, the Taliban were not fighting for money but for their country as self-aclaimed nationalists and warriors of God. Although the Taliban are religious fundamentalists, they are real natives who have deep roots in their own culture and history. Coupled with heavenly presents waiting at the other end, there is probably no other bigger motivation.

Moreover, it wouldn’t be the first time they have been invaded by a foreign superpower.

On December 24, 1979, the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan. The Soviets later got tired of the country and left right before the USA entered the picture. You can like them or dislike them, but this is what happens when one side fights for profit, and the other side fights for their country with all their flawed logic and a heavenly reward for their efforts.

Here is a List of Empires That Have Invaded Afghanistan

Maurya Empire.
•The Greek Empire of Alexander the Great of Macedon.
• Rashidun Caliphate.
• The Mongol Empire led by Genghis Khan.
•  The Timurid Empire of Timur. • The Mughal Empire.
• Persian Empires.
• The Sikh Empire.
• The British Empire
• Soviet Union
• United States of America and allies.

Apparently what seems like big surprise to the rest of the world is just another day in the country’s invasion and evacuation register of foreign occupiers.

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