Life hack: Replace Judgment with Curiosity

Judging people is easy; it’s almost like a default setting in some people. Quite often, these people judging act manifests quickly in form of opinions. But, what most usually forget is that opinions are also judgment hidden behind the veil of right to personal expression and freedom of conscience.

Therefore, it’s not advisable to have opinions on things you barely know it’s roots – you will only be exposing your ignorance of the fact in form of opinions. Here is the good thing about opinions, don’t give it if you are not asked.

However, what you can do is to replace your default judgmental personae with a curious fella. Rather than being in a hurry to unleash what you think all the time, you should channel your inner mind to being curious instead. If you are looking for what to be curious about, you should start by considering why you think your opinion on the matter or event matters.

The best place to start is usually with oneself. You should start by asking yourself if the reasoning behind your opinion can pass the test of objectivity or whether it is being ruled by your personal bias and experience. This is because it’s difficult to see the veil in our own eyes but very easy to point out the speck in that of other people. But, when you are able to see the flaws in your own cognition processes, you will be happy for it and will start seeing things for what they are – instead of what you want them to be.

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