The Disproportionate Value society places on Exaggerated Stereotypes of Beauty

Many women struggle everyday to eke a living for themselves in a society that positions and professions are largely dominated by men. But, unfortunately society continues to reward vanity over intellect and individual capacity.

These days, all you need to get a pass is to have the right shape and model face to top it up. Having a perfect body like Jenner Kendall in her viral bathing suit above is practically a one way trip to men’s paradise and riches. But, I’m sure you probably didn’t know the other person in the picture… me too.

But, in case you are wondering, she is Alyssa Carson, the youngest person in history to excel at all NASA aerospace tests. Well, I guess the defense here will be that Carson is not an entertainer. But, guess who is in the face of young girls all the time? Yeah, it’s definitely not our young astronaut.

In Nigeria, news went viral the other day of a woman advising another to stop begging in the street, but to use her natural assets to make a living for herself. That sums up the worth society has reduced a lot of the female folks to.

What is probably not news again is the fantasy of independence the society propagates to make the women folk live in the illusion of financial freedom when in fact it is always about the men and their desires.

Putting aesthetics above talented, dedicated and skilled individuals is extremely damaging to the real mental growth and progress of the human race.

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