Life hacks for Professionals

5 Professional Life Hacks

  • Talent and skill will put you on a path but it won’t get you to the destination.

There is no better person to use as an example than Argentine superstar, Lionel Messi. The former FC Barcelona captain is probably the most gifted footballer that ever played the round leather game and has been called an alien severally by a lot of supporters who believe his talent is out of this world.

But, being talented is just part of the bigger picture. He has to stay fit, train and keep to strict diets to maintain his sports physique or risk a short spell at glory which football is highly known for. So, no matter how talented Lionel Messi is, he has to be fit to be named in the line up so that he can play.  

Therefore, while having the talent gives you major head start, getting to the destination is totally up to you.

  • You should either Earn or Learn from a Job

If you cannot earn a meaningful income from a job and the role is not imparting more knowledge that will enable you to earn higher later, it’s highly advisable to quit the job.

  • When you Borrow from Others, Pay them Back their money or Return the item Borrowed

Return borrowed things even before the other person remembers they lent it to you. It shows your sincerity, integrity and trustable character as a person. It doesn’t matter if it’s N1 and you are in no position to conclude that the person who loaned you the monetary or material object is wealthy enough and wouldn’t mind.

  • Identify a Problem, Create a solution, Monetize the solution.

This is probably the oldest rule in the entrepreneur’s manual of wealth creation. In   case you can’t find a problem to solve, create one like Apple and build a billion dollar enterprise around it if you can, As they say, “I Can” and “I Can’t” it’s all in the mind.

But, you must have problem at hand with a solution. Finally, you have to monetize the solution.

  • Dress Well.

You will always be addressed by how you dress, never forget this even if you want to.

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