Fiction Writers Group has Launched JollofReads, an Online Stories Publishing Media

JollofReads is home to the finest indigenous original and fictional African stories.

Based in the Lekki centre of Lagos State, JollofReads hopes build an online community of writers and readers through publication of original urban fictions and utopia modern societies.

At JollofReads, readers get to enjoy highly creative short stories, thrillers, erotic stories, epic adventures, paranormal romance, complete novels, poems, comics and satire for free. The publisher offers to publish different stories of diverse and peculiar perspectives.

After so many delays occasioned by Covid-19 and the requisite upheavals around the world in 2020, and with online reading gaining huge traction in Nigeria, the Fiction Writers Group has launched JollofReads.

The online  publication platform aims to pluck the glut in reading culture by publishing original African stories available for millions of online audience to read for free.

According to the founder of the Group, Oha Michael, JollofReads hopes to –

i. Be the standard reference for African stories;

ii. Help readers discover the bliss of reading by making quality and original stories accessible through online free reads;

iii. Support writers to help the continuous discovery of new breed of urban writers.

iv. Digital and physical literacy outreach and to promote a reading culture across Africa.

v. To invest in seeking and developing emerging young writers through Fiction Writers Group (FWG).

Commenting further on the reasons behind the launching of JollofReads, Michael was quoted as saying –

We believe that writers should focus more in upgrading their craft through consistent writing and creative exploration. This is because we know there are a lot of talented writers out there with no one to publish them. We want them to focus on writing while JollofReads takes care of the publishing and audience outreach.

The publishing house has also released it’s first official publication titled “JollofReads Short Stories”. The first edition short stories contains eight original stories on different genre’s from Young Adult fiction, Sci-fi, Adventures and Fantasy, Teen Stories and Girl-child power.

Also among the latest additions to JollofReads catalogues include paranormal romance hit series “Fucking With the Devil”. The second series is currently under works after the huge success of the first issue. The media house also boasts of “My Daughter and I” and “Shattered Pieces” in it’s collections which will surely keep readers asking for more.

JollofReads offers to publish original stories of the highest standard for indigenous Nigerian fiction writers interested in exploring their creative craft. Visit for more about the media house.

The new Lagos based publishing house also guarantees steady updates and addition of epic stories to their original indigenous content and African stories online catalogues.

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