Ansu Fati Return: New Problem?

All eyes are pointing towards Ansu Fati taking a lead attacking role in FC Barcelona’s new team.To buttress this notion further, the Catalan giants further announced that the young Spaniard will be wearing the club’s iconic number 10 jersey left vacant by Lionel Messi’s exit.

Obviously, the club has demonstrated huge trust in the lad with such show of massive responsibility been placed on the youngster’s shoulder. This means Barca trust’s him to help carry the goal scoring burdens when he returns to full fitness alongside Memphis Depay.

But, the major problem with this proposition is that the club has a proven striker in Aguero, although he is currently injured. So, while Aguero is likely to return in October after sustaining an injury before the Gamper Trophy Cup, Ansu Fati is already billed to start action after the International break.

This could be a major headache for Ronald Koeman because Ousmanne Dembele is also nearing full recovery and will return sooner than later. Now that Messi is no longer in the team, the right flank will definitely be owned by Dembele while Yusuf Demir will likely be his deputy in the 4-3-3 line up which Koeman is pushing.

The problem Koeman will face now is balancing the minutes between Memphis Depay, Ansu Fati and Aguero seeing as they all play similar style and can play in the same forward roles. Depay in particular has been a key figure since his arrival at Barca and a special favorite of the coach.

Seeing as Ansu Fati operates better as a left winger, which allows him to utilize his speed and dribbling to cut to his better foot, Depay may found himself out of favour on the flank. But, Depay has already proven in just few games that he is indispensable.

This means the main battleground will be the central forward position. In this position however, Aguero is a better option as the center forward role is his actual role ( although he was converted from a winger after Man City signed him).

Fitting all three players into the 4-3-3 formation of Koeman is looking nigh impossible at this moment if Dembele returns. The Barca gaffe hasn’t really gotten a chance to test all three at the moment, and may not be able to do so until Aguero’s return.

But, while Dembele and Aguero is pushing hard to come back, there is also Martin Braithwaite and Luuk De Jong to give minutes to.

Barca now seem to go from having an attacking problem to having so many striking options, and yet only one of them has actually proven himself at the big stage. How will Koeman resolve this conundrum?

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