Putting an End to this “Yahoo+” Money Ritual Nonsense

I don’t know how many times this has to be said for majority to understand. But, it’s time to stop this silly media brouhaha of “Yahoo+” money rituals bullshit. Scamming is just what it is, “scam”. Money ritual involving human or animal sacrifice to bestow riches and wealth is not real and can never be.

However, what’s real is people sitting down and plotting to use your greed to make money for themselves by orchestrating well planned fraudulent acts on unsuspecting victims who don’t know any better.

Also, what is very real is the often neglected “organ harvest” black market. For some reason, most mainstream media houses and the government has failed to give the masses massive orientation about this evil black market that deals in harvesting of human parts which are sold at high rates in the underworld. One of the most notorious cases is that of “Otokoto”.

Let’s stop giving credence to rubbish. If you are looking for any money ritual to do, take a look at successful wealthy people. The habits, principles, routine and characters that they maintained to accumulate their riches is the real money ritual. Apply them in your doings and create your own money ritual.

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