Saturday Morning Reflections

Who will dominate the Earth after Humans finally eradicate themselves?

I just woke up this morning with one of those thoughts. Not really a good thought to have about your own specie, but here we are. When you really look at it beyond the spectrum of progenitor and the race to survive, eventually at some point, it’s safe to say that the human race as we know it will probably cease to exist.

 They may probably develop beyond the current inabilities that plague us or even turn to machines entirely and migrate to a planet in Laniakea Super cluster. Or maybe another meteorite may smash earth again, wiping off the population. Maybe our sun finally comes to the end of its life cycle and turns into a giant red glowing ball before turning into a sarcastic orbit ejecting dwarf star. But don’t worry, Scientists say this won’t happen until at least 5 billion years from today.

 I guess there are more than a zillion ways humans can be deleted from the scene which is not limited to disease alone. But, let’s say there comes a time when humans for some reason, has vacated earth and left other animals or insects to run things, who will dominate?

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There are numerous species of living things that it’s difficult to put a hold on one single organism dominating the rest. Admittedly, it will be a wild-wild west with no humans around and so we know the basic survival of the fittest theory will once again rule the earth. But, can a single species of these other living things develop the capacity to cheerlead the others?

 Well, I guess a case could be made for ants, especially when you look at their level of intelligence and ability to work in cohesion to build civilizations and colonies wholly dominated by them. But, ants only care about themselves, which is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Yet, there are so many ant species that is hard to imagine what their descendants will look like 5 million years after humans has left the earth. A case could also be made for bees I guess, that is if they finally stop suckling up to their precious honey and decide to diversify their priorities. Don’t mind me, just kidding around!

Have a nice weekend.

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