Organizing Your Mind For Full Efficiency

Without adequate organization, everything falls to pieces. The secret to unleashing the mind’s full potential lies in organizing one’s thought processes.

Knowledge is unlimited and practically meaningless if it cannot be arranged into a process by which human desires, needs or ends are ultimately satisfied.

The mind must be organized to be ready for all things, not just for official duties or familial functions. Getting control of this fundamental aspect of thought always leads to a lot of personal accomplishments.

How do you Organize Your Mind?

The best known way to organize the mind is to control what goes inside and what impulse they occupy on our thoughts.

When you take a quick glance at a computer operating system, you begin to get the picture a bit. The mind is likened to an operating system.

A computer’s operating system functions according to the number of tasks it is ordered to execute at any given time. But, it cannot function without a power source. This is same with the mind, which only works with a power source – Life!

The operating system is designed to take commands and execute. The process of achieving this programming comes with a lot of codes and alphanumeric letters. It took precision, time and endless hours of trial and error to organize and get right.

Now, when you consider the mind in the same sense, you begin to realize you have been shortchanging yourself by not organizing your mind. It takes an organized mind to get tasks executed properly.

Think about it. Anything that is unorganized easily falls apart. You wouldn’t be reading this piece today if your immediate society is in ruins, unorganized and in disarray. There’s a reason procedures are followed in all things in the world today; the alternative is anarchy. Of course, an anarchist mind is the last thing you want.

The reason why people follow processes, formulas and laid down procedures is because they work all the time. As a matter of fact, it is the benchmark with which the government, science and technology works.

This is why it is pertinent that you have to start organizing your mind to prime it for full efficiency. Easy organization means easy access to the subconscious and conscious layers of the mind. It will act as a unification of the internal and external self.

Some tips you can apply to help organize your mind and thought processes:

The mind is filled with daily interactions and reactions within our environment all the time. This mostly comes from what we see, feel, hear, smell, touch or experience. In this also lies the major tool to organizing our mind. Everythingt boils down to our reactions to the above senses within ourselves.

When Isaac Newton was queried on how he discovered the law of gravity, he said “by thinking about it”. So, there you have it. Everything happening around and within you boils down to how you think about it.
How do you want to organize your mind? Think about it and follow it up. It’s as simple as that.

Whatever you tell your mind, it’s what it gives you. It’s like the often touted WYSIWYG tag of the computer, i.e. What You See Is What You Get. Alternatively, we can say what you give is what you get with the mind. All the things manifesting in your life right now is exactly how you have directly or indirectly organized your mind. Everything you have done in your life since birth has landed you on this article. Do you think it’s chance?

Thinking creates a lot of possibilities and allows you to be in charge. When you become the master of your own thoughts, you will gain automatic control of your mind.
You will develop the ability to see things through and get things done because you have already done it in your mind.

• Learn to ignore what is none of your business.
• Pay attention to things that bring you fulfillment.
• Stay positive, you are not dead yet.
• Don’t stop at thinking things only, do them.
• Learn, unlearn and relearn always.

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