What is boredom?

I came back to an emptiness. An emptiness that has grown within me. An empty room, where shadows lurk behind the walls. Shadows of loneliness whispering sad mantras as if trying to make me feel more worst that I am. I found myself tucked under the pillow with the last scents of her perfume waffling around the room, tormenting me. The room held a broken mirror by the side, and I was forced to stare at the drapes on my bed, how I wished she was here. To cure the boredoms with those radiant smile, that are like the blushing bloom of a flower in the Savannah.

My bedroom held nothing but memories of broken promises and lies. My kitchen held no dishes either. The burnt dark spaghetti from my last night’s attempt at cooking still sat at the sink, stinking. The fridge held only two packs of Heineken out of the 10 packs I bought the day before. The chilled bottle glistened of icy smoke, shining like a champion’s medal. I felt an urge to drown my tears and fears.

Boredom is every singles’ nightmare. It’ll remind you of all your good exes and even remind you of the pathetic ones. It’ll make you long for the comfort of a companion. Someone other than yourself to talk to and listen to. 

Boredom is a thing of the mind, it comes when no one is watching. So always be on guard. Look for signs when it’s trying to slip in. Allow it somethings, but don’t let it control you, because in boredom we always try to settle for less, and most times it is for the cheap thrills. 

Fortunately enough, boredom can be a bliss. It needs a bit of creativity to steer clear of its pitfalls. Engage yourself in meaningful nonsense. Douse your boredom, with a hobby that elevates your spirit. Let the essence of life swell around you. Seek for something that’s beyond your regular routine and norms. Go out your comfort zone and breathe a little. Burst out of your shell and live a little. It doesn’t really require you stepping out of the room, but your imagination should do the talking. Let yourself to roam free like a calabash on a harsh wave.

Boredom is a state of mind, be the governor. Rule your limitations. Rise above the water and look towards the blasting glare of sunshine. There is life beyond these sad flirting moments. Don’t be your own torment.

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