Traded by Barter  


Sometimes, you just got to sit back and wonder, “How did the global economy start?”

Well, I guess the right answer will start by noting satisfaction of needs tops the bunch on the priority list or expansionist agenda’s. In that respect, we will interchange the quiz to – “how do I satisfy my needs and desires?” The shortest answer – Trade them by barter.

How Does The Barter System Work?

Source: MarketBusinessNews.

If you have ever swapped any of your possessions in exchange for something else, you have traded by barter. Bartering is as old as human interactions itself. In the ancient Igbo trade system, people who couldn’t meet up with certain obligations may request to help the other party farm to reduce or wipe off debts. People could also offer to help out other bigger farmers during the harvest period in exchange for pre-agreed quota.

In each of the scenarios above, you realize that services were offered in exchange for material gains but no money was involved in the transaction. Till date, this practice persists and not just peculiar to the Igbo tribe alone.  The apps that you are not paying for with fiat currencies are being paid for by user behaviors. You offer services to get paid an agreed amount of money for a certain period of time – same format different era. Today we just tag it different kinds of name to professionalize it and make it look outstanding.

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Coming to the self, the priority list of needs to satisfy is also traded by barter. Like most transactions, same rules apply, just differently. Your current circumstances, knowledge and immediate environment will always determine the strength of your bartering power. For anything you need satisfied, something has to give.

If you want to be a rock star, you have to trade other aspects of your life, ambitions, and refocus them to doing what it takes to be a rock star. Nothing short of this will make you a rock star. You find that when you decide to trade the wrong things, you waste your bartering time and will continue to drift around.

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Time for knowledge – services and products to bring the dough! Time for skills and trainings – innovations and advances in knowledge; and knowledge is power. Everything is all traded by barter. What are you trading your time, energy, feelings and intuitions for? Trade wisely and don’t barter it all away.

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