Saturday Morning Reflections

A long time ago, the fragility of life dawned on me. The fragile nature of life makes cherishing every moment as best as you can due to the fleeting nature of living. You realize that every little thing matters, from the mundane to the ethics and all the frivolities that make up your essence and core self.

It could vanish in a glance and all that was the being will be gone, forever banished to the memories of those who remember them until no one does anymore. This means that as much as possible, you’ve got to live and stop chasing obscenities that leave you empty, sad and full of regrets later in life.

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There is no other thing but yourself, and no one is going to make you appreciate the special gift. To live is to do, and this involves taking action. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be suffocated by myriads of socio-cultural or economic hindrances. There is no one part to enjoyment and fulfillment of the real desires of the inner self. All paths are great which leads to happy memories and interesting experiences of a lifetime.


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