Being Able to Think about how we think is a Sign of Higher Intelligence

Before coming to any decision at any given point in time, we practically think about everything we can ever imagine. We use thinking to think about the possible outcome of nearly every action we will take while taking a lot of variables into consideration. No other living being does this as they are all ruled by instincts and basic needs.

But, how do we think? How are we able to visualize imagined concepts into reality? How are we able to organize our thoughts so well that we have come to understand a lot of things about our environment?

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Nothing is off limits in human thoughts and the results are obvious. Do you ever wonder why you meet a dead end in certain thought patterns and processes? It could be that you lack the capacity to do so because you are not in the know of the knowledge responsible for guiding such thought systems to a rational conclusion.

But if you can coordinate your own thinking process, placing appropriate filters where necessary, you will be able to visualize your own thought system before your deeper mind and explore it fully. Now, if you can do this, already you know you are a step above others who can’t do it. A step further will always make a huge difference anywhere, any place and anytime.

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