How to Make Your Own Luck

Ignorance is not bliss. Put daftly, it always spelled doom wherever it is deeply entrenched. The most difficult things to influence about a person are their ideas, way of life and perspectives on things that have come to be rooted in their culture and ultimately gets transferred or filtered into their core behaviors. But, above all, the way you think is the way your outward behaviors will ordinarily manifest.

The way you interpret things and your general outlook on life’s cheers and misgivings is actually the easiest of the mind coordination activities needed to overcome most of life’s challenges. So, when confronted with an obstacle, don’t misinterpret the circumstances just so that you will avoid taking responsibility just so that you could redirect blame.

Misinterpretation of tit for tat is the beginning of the first misdirection that will likely steer you off the path of your smooth luck channel. Most of the time, misinterpretation of events or acts do come from ignorance, hence resulting in giving the wrong meaning to what they witnessed based on incomplete experience and personal bias. This brings us back to the earlier statement that ignorance is not bliss.

You see that interpretation becomes a matter of the truth you give meaning and the knowledge or logic you use to back them up. Every day, you start interpretation till you go back to bed. Even going back to bed is also a matter of decoding the safety of the immediate environment. So, you begin to understand that making your own luck in anything depends on the interpretation and misinterpretation you give to things as they occur or manifest in your reality.

No one is hammering words into your brain or programming how you see the world, although a lot of organized religions have succeeded to an extent on that front. But, ultimately, it is you who is programming how you see the world into your mind.  

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