The Alpha Mindset

There is an age long traditional belief in the misconception that men do not need attention. Some go as far as to assume that a man’s heart is built with concrete, cast with stones, gravel and patched with cement. Some think men do not have any emotional weakness which places them in need of care and attention like the female counterparts.

Men are as weak as any woman. However, gender has placed a man beyond board in society – to aspire for greatness and inspire a generation and to sire men and women.

They call us breadwinners, but the truth remains we are not bakers, or chefs, and most of us can’t even cook but that doesn’t mean we leave our homes hungry. Against all odds a man is expected to stand, crawl or just keep moving.

No matter how rusty our engines are, we are told to keep a straight face and act tough. We are  very much susceptible to the trauma of always holding our head above board, even when the ship is sinking.

Emotionally we are as fragile but we mask it with the male bravado. The alpha mindset to always take charge and own up to the responsibility of always being there to knock down walls and fences.

No matter how appetizing feminism may sound, it wouldn’t still remove our importance or limit its scope. When we are  absent from a home, it is well felt. We are taught to take the pain. To act like it’s all good. To be the head, the head of what exactly? A disjointed attempt at creating stability? It takes two to tango. A man is never completely defined in this world without the dazzling spark of a woman… a good woman.

The truth remains that we can not actually attain our climax without a woman in the mix. Women are the spices that makes the sour world taste a bit better. They make the colours more brighter. The plants are flush and greener with them around playing not just the supportive roles but also leading.

However, it’s pertinent to state that a man is not just a product of his background. The gender role doesn’t only assign distinct roles and expectation, a man was built to last biologically to bear the weights we couldn’t carry through pregnancy. Life found a way to balance the odds. To give him the tools to crawl, stand, run, fight and survive the horrors and miracles of existence.

When you see a man struggling, toiling through the hurdles of survival, please don’t be too much in a hurry to judge, we carry our own specially brewed burden distinctively construed. We break free when we understand our worth and play to our skill set. Every man is unique.

When you see a man smiling, holding his heads high, doing good and treating his woman like the queen she is, don’t be too slow to  celebrate him, appreciate the gestures. It takes a whole lot of worlds to be a man, it’s not just the state of mind, but it is the dawn of awareness.

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