Who’s the Right one for You?

The right one is not someone who does all the right things but someone that feels right. You get alive when closer to them, your body tingles as if it’s playing their favorite tunes.

They complete you, makes you happy and feel whole. What you feel for them should exceed that normal likeness that you share for a colleague at the work place and love you have for a brother.

It should also be more than a mere crush. Whether you share the same characteristics with the person or have characters that are world apart doesn’t really matter – what matters is the connection.

Well, you may not actually know what you feel just by glancing at them. Sometimes you may not even know till the unmasked greenlight is brighter and you start developing feelings that was never there in the first place.

Sometimes you just have to share some time together to be sure it feels right. Sometimes inexperience and fear can numb the connection. Sometimes the fear of disappointments can also keep the feelings at a distance.

However, the rule with this connection is not just having it but to know whether it is mutual. Does they feel the same way or are they faking it? Is (s)he saying all those cute things to get under your pants (or money) or is he for real?

Well, that’s where your brain should come in. If they do all the perfect things, hardly annoys you, too cautious around you, too eager to get down with you, doesn’t share their dreams and aspirations with you, and hardly talks about themselves or family with you, then something may be wrong.

They have to be less perfect if they’re for real. If you want to get to know who loves you, get them talking about themselves and listen. When having a fling you go for the sexual attraction mostly.

When it’s love, you go for the heart (it will blind some of the things that tops your list), but when it’s a relationship that can go both ways, then you go for who compliments you.

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